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Our Mission

Chastain Financial’s mission is to help our clients achieve the retirement that they want. We do this by developing retirement income strategies with our clients that utilizes insurance and annuity products to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Our primary focus is to help Americans achieve the retirement that they deserve, one family at a time.

Carla Chastain

Carla Chastain is a President and CEO at Chastain Financial, LLC. She has 26 years’ experience in the insurance and annuity industry and holds a Bachelors degree in Finance from The University of Arkansas.

Carla has been published on Fox Business News and is involved with “Safe Money Talk Radio” on Saturday’s 7a-8a on KARV-AM.

To schedule a time to discuss your financial future and how insurance products could fit into your financial future, contact us at or call us at 479-845-1060 today!

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